Monday, September 08, 2008

September Goals

My goals for september;

  • Win a MTT
  • Play 40 MTTs(400+)
  • Improve my Mid - Late game play
  • watch at least 2 complete tournys per week on pxf
  • Perform indepth review of 2 of my hh and 1 public hh on pxf per week

I was 5 handicapped golfer for many years,one thing that i came across alot,was when chatting with other golfers they seemed amazed that i still had 2 golf lessons a month.They would proudly tell me they have never had a lesson in there life and 18 holes later would hand me enough money to pay for one. If i went though a bad patch i had the understanding to find my game while on the course or after on the pratice ground, but they turned up every day with no understanding of what they did good or bad so when there game didnt turn up on the day there was no coming back for them.Put them under pressure and there swing could not hold up to there nerves. My point being that learning and continuing to learn is as important as playing experience.

This is a post from user cheezy on pxf forum, it is one of the many random posts that i read each day. But this one really resonated with me... its a good analogy that illustrates the importance of constant study. It really gave me a jolt and got me focused on what i needed to be doing to improve.


Pud's Poker said...

I think you have to keep learning otherwise you just hit a plateaux and the sem-fish catch you up.

I've played for three years now and after watching a video by a high stakes player I learned so much in 40 mins. Simple concepts that were so simple yet very effective.

Good luck in September mate

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Great blog, I particularly liked the post on constant study. It reminded me of my youth when I was naturally above average at chess and then the other kids started reading books and left me behind.

The games online are getting tougher and tougher. Good luck staying ahead of the pack in the top 5%.

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