Tuesday, July 24, 2007

6max NL bug: Catching it again

Its been a few weeks since i've played 6max nlhe and i'm beginning to feel the itch to play again. I've played a few sessions on UB and have done ok. I finally took a look at my stats for June and i'm only down 3 BIs after less than 10k hands.

This is not as bad as it felt. I made some truly horrible plays but not surprisingly these were preceeded by some equally horrendous beats. But i realize now that these beats were actually good because my opponents were willing to go up against me with subpar hands, unfortunately they often won. Despite the beats there were often hands where i was clearly beat and still paid off my opponents. So i am not going to indulge that fantasy that i was playing great and just suffered some variance.

In any case this situation has led me to reevaluate my approach to poker. I now know that i cannot be a constant nlhe grinder. Instead i will try to play a mix of Mtts, NLHE (6max), SNGs and PLO, all at a leisurely pace. Hopefully i will make some money while also enjoying the game.

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